Waqar Younis pushes Indo-Pak bilateral series

Waqar Younis pushes Indo-Pak bilateral series
Waqar Younis pushes Indo-Pak bilateral series

Waqar Younis, the former Pakistani bowler, urges on an idea of organizing the bilateral series between India and Pakistan.

Waqar Younis pushes Indo-Pak bilateral series

As people of both nations are crazy over the match between the arch-rivals, Waqar opined on asking people, 95% will be agreed on organizing the series between the two sides. He said no matter what the name of the series would be, either Imran-Kapil series or Independence series, but it will give the biggest hit to the world.

“If you go and ask people of both the countries on whether Pakistan and India should play each other, everyone, around 95% of them will agree, that cricket between these two should be played. Be it ‘Imran-Kapil Series’ or ‘Independence Series’ or whatever name we give to it, I think that it would be the biggest hit in the world.

Waqar Younis thinks India and Pakistan matches shall take place in order to not deprive the spectators of India vs Pakistan matches as the fans go crazy over it.

“I think Pakistan India should play and should play on a regular basis to avoid depriving cricket lovers of India and Pakistan,” he said while speaking during a chat show QT20 for GloFans.

According to Waqar, there is surety of Pakistan vs India bilateral series in the future. He supports only India and Pakistan as the venues where matches could be held and no another neutral venue shall be added on the agenda.

“I do see Pakistan and India playing bilateral series. I am not sure where though, but I hope it will be either in Pakistan or in India. You don’t want to see them playing in some other country because that’s where you want to see them. You want to see them playing in their own countries. But I definitely say that in the next few years, I would say, Pakistan India will be playing,” Waqar Younis further added.

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