More than 20,000 IPL tests to be conducted

More than 20,000 IPL tests to be conducted
More than 20,000 IPL tests to be conducted

A source from the health affairs of the Indian Premier League (IPL) confirmed that almost 20,000 COVID-19 tests will be conducted to keep a record of everyone’s health.

Already 3,500 tests have been taken and many are still to be conducted. After thirteen positive cases were reported from the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), it was a mental hit to everyone. The contestants were sent in self-isolation for two weeks.

As per the restricted quarantine rules, everyone will have to be tested every five days in case if the virus strikes. Notably, two more franchises witness the cases and before it was too late for the BCCI, they revealed the formal schedule for the IPL 2020.

The players are supposed to make no other movement than from hotels to stadiums and from stadiums to hotels.

More than 20,000 IPL tests to be conducted

“During the tournament, we will be conducting over 20,000 tests. The movement of the players and other officials of the IPL are strictly restricted between the hotel and the stadium.”

It is to be noted that the much-awaited extravaganza is all set to be started on 19th September. The first match is to be played between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

The extravaganza already faced a maxim delay after the lockdown kept on extending. India was not a suitable venue to commence the league – offers from Sri Lanka and UAE were on the consideration and New Zealand might have been on the agenda. In analyzing the circumstances, UAE was preferred. Earlier, it was decided to start the cash-rich T20 league by 29th March. Two COVID-19 dominant cancelations were made, however, despite the worst health cancelations, the games are to be played by any means.

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