Monty Panesar: MS Dhoni can even play World Cup 2023

Monty Panesar: MS Dhoni can even play 2023 World Cup
Monty Panesar: MS Dhoni can even play World Cup 2023

Monty Panesar, the former cricketer from England, thinks that MS Dhoni has got such potential in his game tricks that he can even play the World Cup 2023.

The retirement of the veteran is the fuming topic nowadays. People and some prominent figures forcing Dhoni to retires could be the worst thing ever as undoubtedly, he has served Cricket India for so long and deserves a farewell with dignity.

Monty Panesar: MS Dhoni can even play the World Cup 2023

Monty Panesar is of the view that the thing changes quickly in cricket. Comparing himself to MS Dhoni, Monty said that he would have played IPL and domestic matches for years and mark another presence in the next edition of the World Cup.

“If I was Dhoni, I would not retire, just play in the IPL for the next four years and think I can play in next the World Cup if I keep playing domestic cricket. He could even play in the 2023 World Cup. He could be playing in the 2023 World Cup because, in sports, things change very quickly,”  Monty Panesar was quoted as saying in Times Now.

Monty thinks that the cricket world cannot bear losing MS Dhoni and the fans will gradually reduce. IPL, being a cash-rich and a prominent T20 league with a massive fan base, will grab a big attraction if Dhoni retires. He maintained that people will just watch IPL in order to see Dhoni and there will be an adverse effect on international cricket.

“He has to take a call – if he is to retire, what will be the impact on the cricket world? People would then tune into IPL to watch Dhoni play because they cannot see him anywhere else. That would be a big attraction in the IPL. IPL cannot afford to lose Dhoni,” he added.

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