Mohammad Shami: India’s pace attack is the best in history

Mohammad Shami: India's pace attack is the best in history
Mohammad Shami: India’s pace attack is the best in history

Mohammad Shami, the Indian fast bowler has termed India’s pace attack as the best in the cricketing history.

He thinks everyone shall agree to this that no other team has got the fast bowlers as India has got. He also mentioned that India has got the best pace attack in the world other than history.

India has the fast bowlers who can maintain their speed over 145-148 kph. The players have got a free hand by their skipper as they decide on themselves for the new ball. Also, bowlers support each other in hard times.

Mohammad Shami: India’s pace attack is the best in history

“You and everyone else in the world will agree to this — that no team has ever had five fast bowlers together as a package,” Mohammad Shami said in an online chat for ESPNcricinfo.

“Not just now, in the history of cricket, this might be the best fast-bowling unit in the world,” he added.

“We have a bowler on the bench who can work up to speeds of 145-48 kph (over 90mph),” said Shami, who has 180 wickets from 49 Tests.

“We surround Virat Kohli and ask him to make the decision,” Shami said of the support for the Indian captain.

“But he normally says, ‘Don’t get me involved in all this; you decide among yourselves, I don’t have an issue’.

“We support each other whether we’re getting wickets or not,” he said.

Recently, the Indian bowling coach also revealed the reason behind their successful pace.

“When we talk about workload management, we are looking at the number of overs a bowler has bowled. But then a bowler can over-exert himself in a game, and that is not under your control. So we use the GPS tracker to monitor all his movements on the field,” he was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

“For example, a bowler runs around 20 km on the field. And the tracker gives us a lot of data and information about the bowler concerned. By analyzing this data, you can manage the workload at training sessions. You need to find the right balance. And the Indian bowlers have managed to do that so far,” he said. “This is the reason why we are successful as a bowling unit, and the bowlers can bowl at 140 mph regularly,” he added.

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