India vs South Africa doesn’t look possible: BCCI

India vs South Africa doesn't look possible: BCCI
India vs South Africa doesn’t look possible: BCCI

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, no cricket is happening nowadays. It is even hard to think of rescheduling the canceled and delayed leagues as no one can say when the situations will get better.

India vs South Africa’s three-match T20 series was to take place somewhere in August but amidst the situation, the official of BCCI thinks it will be hard to go ahead with the series.

India vs South Africa doesn’t look possible: BCCI

No physical activity and gaming since the lockdown have affected the fitness level of the players. Before stepping into the ground for international level games, players need to be mentally and physically fit as they have not played since 50-60 days.

“See! This is not really possible Fitness training is one thing and training with the bat and ball is a completely different thing. We have guys who haven’t touched a bat or ball in a training environment in the last 50-60 days. How do you expect them to go out and play international matches?

“Yes, they have been doing their best to keep their fitness level up to the mark set by our trainers, but batting and bowling sessions will be needed,” he said according to the quint.

The official also emphasized the matter saying the window of August will hardly be possible amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, consequently, the sides will look and agree upon the solution possible for both and window convenient for two of the sides.

Recently, SLC proposed BCCI to resume the series in summers that priorly got canceled amid the Coronavirus outbreak. In response, the Indian board has hinted that resuming cricket might be an option. The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has replied to Sri Lanka’s board of cricket proposal positively saying the series is on between the two nations. However, they still do concern the health of their players at first rather than organizing the league.

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