Team India does not get support from Bangladesh only: Rohit Sharma

Team India does not get support from Bangladesh only: Rohit Sharma
Team India does not get support from Bangladesh only: Rohit Sharma

The quarantine amidst the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to stay at homes. There is no physical activity as sports scenarios have brought to a standstill. Without any physical workout, the most disturbing creatures on the Earth are athletes. As they got nothing to do, they are busying themselves in Instagram live sessions with their fellows to kill boredom and to reveal more about themselves.

Rohit Sharma is one of the cricketing figures who are holding live Instagram sessions with their mates. Recently, Sharma was spotted in a chat with Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal where he expressed his disappointment over getting no support from Bangladesh while playing in Bangladesh.

Rohit thinks that getting the support from the fans is one of the enhancing factors for the players but if there isn’t any support from the crowd, a player might get disappointed and discouraged while losing his confidence.

Rohit Sharma revealed that there is no such nation where India plays and get no support as India have gotten star players in their teams. He thinks that Bangladesh is the only place where India do not get support.

Rohit Sharma: India do not get any support from Bangladesh

“I mean India and Bangladesh, the people the cricket fans are passionate about the game, so, every time we make mistakes we are also criticized by everyone, not just the media and also the people who are watching the game. And I’m very sure it’s the same there because I’ve been to Bangladesh myself and I’ve seen how passionate everyone is to watch the game.”

“Especially when we come to the ground to play the match it’s unbelievable, because, India is not used to not having support at the ground and Bangladesh is the only place where we don’t get any support,” Rohit told Tamim in the Facebook live session on Friday.

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