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CSK to depart ways with Suresh Raina

CSK to part ways with Suresh Raina
CSK to part ways with Suresh Raina

The speculations seem to hint at a departure between Suresh Raina and his franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK). As he has left for India amidst the family reasons, it has left the owner, management, co, and fans in a shock. His owner is disappointed with him and says he will regret leaving.

The owner says that Raina might have made 11 Crore but he will regret quitting. Also, one of the sources was spotted saying that it is highly impossible to be already retired, missed a season, and then trying to come back in the next season. It almost clears separate ways of the duo. He further added that in the next auction, he might be picked by any other franchise.


”It looks highly improbable that someone who has retired and likely won’t play any cricket will come back for CSK. Maybe, he will be back in the auction and someone else might pick him,” A source said (Tweeted by Circle of Cricket).

The owner has compared the player to the prima donnas and said he cannot pacify him for staying as it is up to the player’s choice.

“Cricketers are like prima donnas … like the temperamental actors of the olden days. Chennai Super Kings have always been like a family and all seniors players have learned to co-exist. My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything … sometimes success gets into your head,” Srinivasan said.

”The season has not begun yet and Raina will certainly realize what he is missing and certainly all the money (a salary of 11 crores per season) he is going to lose,” says N Srinivasan.

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