BCCI hoping for T20 World Cup postponement on July 20 to commence IPL

BCCI hoping for T20 World Cup postponement on July 20 to commence IPL
BCCI hoping for T20 World Cup postponement on July 20 to commence IPL

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is waiting for the T20 World Cup 2020 to finally get postponed which will make them able to organize their cahs-rich T20 league, Indian Premier League (IPL).

The decision can be taken on 20th July as the International Cricket Council (ICC) is likely to make a final decision on the event’s fate in the meeting. However, the decision hangs on by a thread and is deferring for so long, BCCI is being enough patient.

BCCI hoping for T20 World Cup postponement to commence IPL

“The first step was the postponement of the Asia Cup, which has happened. We can only start to move ahead with our plans after the ICC announces the postponement. They have been sitting on the decision even after Cricket Australia said that they are not too keen on hosting the event,” a BCCI Apex Council member said as quoted by India Today.

The league was all set to be kicked off by 29th March. Later, due to the several extensions in the lockdown postponed the tournament. In the end, the authorities finally called off the cash-rich T20 league until further notice. It is to be noted that BCCI is looking for a window of October-November in case if the T20 World Cup gets canceled so they can hold the league then.

The league is all set to be commenced at the venues of UAE as the Head of the Cricket and Events of Dubai Sports City, Salman Hanif, has briefly explained the media about the preparations they have already started to prepare their venues.

Hanif discussed that UAE has already hosted a number of matches that also included multi-teams tournaments. Having a vast variety of the wickets, they will be able to give the grounds fresh to BCCI as they won’t be hosting any matches in preparing for IPL.

IPL was earlier hosted at their venues in 2014 when the political tensions amid the Lok Sabha elections rose as the crisis for the country.


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