No pay cuts and lay-offs in the midst of cost control: BCCI

No pay cuts and lay-offs in the midst of cost control: BCCI
No pay cuts and lay-offs in the midst of cost control: BCCI

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) have taken measures for cost control but they have not decided to pay cuts and lay-offs for the players.

Despite no cricketing seasons and earnings for months, the board will be paying to its centrally and provisionally contracted players, but, IPL players won’t be making money from the league. However, cost control includes a cut off from travel, hospitality, etc.

No pay cuts and lay-offs in the midst of cost control: BCCI

“The BCCI has done some cost control after the elected office-bearers took charge last October. The process started before the pandemic. But there has been no pay cut or lay-off as of now. We have cut costs on other fronts like travel, hospitality, etc,” said Dhumal as quoted by the New Indian Express.

As all the cricketing scenarios have been stopped due to widely spreading Coronavirus, cricket in India has got badly interrupted. IPL, that was to be commenced by 29th March first got interrupted by the sudden lockdown and then when the situation worsened ahead, organizers moved it ahead to 15th April. Situations instead of getting better got much adverse and the Indian government extended lockdown till 3rd May. In the end, after the 3rd may have passed, no news has been heard but the authorities have decided to delay the money-surplus league till further notice.

In case, if the league goes ahead, there will be minor or no chances of the availability of the international stars as the flights almost across the Earth has been postponed for indefinite span. The league going ahead without the major shining stars could bear the major revenue loss.

IPL, being in its thirteenth edition, was to be kicked off with the full swing, however, the pandemic rose suggested the authorities commence without the spectators. Moving ahead behind closed doors with no sales of tickets might have caused another financial disturbance. Keeping all the consequences under consideration, the board has decided not to go ahead as an approx of INR 40 billion could be lost.

“IPL not happening will have a huge impact and we will assess the situation before taking a fresh call,” added Dhumal.

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