Allan Border on replacing T20 World Cup with IPL: “It’s money grabbing”

Allan Border on replacing T20 World Cup with IPL: "It's money grabbing
Allan Border on replacing T20 World Cup with IPL: “It’s money-grabbing

Allan Border, the Australian commentator and the former cricketer, thinks that the folks that are being made nowadays to hold the Indian Premier League (IPL) in place of the T20 World Cup are just for the lust of money.

The T20 World Cup, until yet, was all set to be commenced by 18th October, but there are several improbabilities amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. However, the ICC is to hold a meeting on 28th May to decide the future of the World Cup. In case, if the mega-event gets canceled, the Indian authorities are likely to organize their cash-rich league.

IPL was all set to go ahead by 29th March but the inconveniences caused by the Coronavirus within the country and across the globe have delayed the league until further notice with an eye on October-November window.

In case, if IPL cancels, the board and the franchises will suffer a loss of INR 40 billion which indeed is massive financial destruction. Allan Border thinks that Indian authorities want to hold IPL in place of the T20 world cup because it is money-grabbing only and will not be happy with the decision.

Allan Border on replacing T20 World Cup with IPL: “It’s money-grabbing”

“[I’m] not happy with that, the world game should take precedence over local competition. So, the World T20, if that can’t go ahead, I don’t think the IPL can go ahead. I would question that decision [to replace it] — it’s just a money grab, isn’t it, that one? The World T20 should take precedence, for sure. The home boards should stop their players going to the IPL if that’s the case,” he said while speaking in ABC’s Grandstand Cafe radio program.

“But I think the world game can’t allow that to happen. I don’t think you can have India superseding what the international game has in place. That would be going down the wrong path,” the 64-year-old added.

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